The Papa’s Freezeria Game – Ice Creams and Shakes

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Papa's Freezeria
Papa's freezeria gives you a really magnificent chance to work in a wonderful cafe on a tropical island called Calypso where sun is shining brightly every day and the night moon gives the place a magical look. On the beautiful island- called calypso beach there is one beautiful place you ought to visit. The place is called Loui’s papa freezeria. Loui is on vacation on the Caribbean islands but right now there are hundreds of tourists on calypso beach and they all want to get chilled with the e delicious ice creamHere, in this ice cream simulator game you have to cool different varieties of ice cream, syrups and other desserts. Just imagine that you have the opportunity to work in a cafe on a tropical island full of gorgeous girls and well-built boys. You can rest, enjoy hot summer days and at the same time run a quite interesting business in order to earn good amount of money and move up on the career ladder in the same field. Unfortunately, in real life it is almost impossible to find a job, but in this game there is nothing is impossible! So tourists, let me serve you. Most of them prefer cooling drinks and l law-fat each burgers as well as two portions of sweet chocolate dessert with strawberries. From the very beginning the game makes you entertained with its colors and super modern graphics. It is the peak of the season and you don’t have even one second to relax as people want ice cream and you are the one to sell it. The game navigation is quite easy as its gives you a unique chance to get acknowledged to the slightest aspects or elements of the game screen. With the hints and screen swipes you can navigate easily and serve your clients. Cold deserts and chilling drinks. What can be better than these in such hot days? It is important to satisfy all of the clients otherwise the black PR is not sleeping and you might go bankrupt. Of course, each customer has his or her individual tastes and preferences. Your goal is to make the order fast to satisfy visitor undoubtedly. With this Ice Cream shop simulator you- the main character at the ice cream stand will create really cool masterpieces for visitors who want to find some freshness and avoid the sun rays. Besides the extreme heat, the game has following and well-distinguished features:

• Colorful HQ graphics
• 50 different ingredients from any kind
• lots of various items to decorate the shop
• hundreds of visitors with special orders
• 100 achievements, bonuses and special gifts

At the very beginning of Papa’s freezeria you are a seller, giving people ice-cream, but after some time, the clients will become more and demanding as with the game processing, tastes become refined so be ready for mixing up the ingredients. As you play along you will discover that tasks get harder and harder, but don’t be afraid as mixing several products for getting the desired result is not as hard as it seems
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